All About Potato Promo

  • Oct 31, 2022

Whether you’re an Idaho native or just a big fan of potatoes, here’s a list of some spectacular potato promotional products that you may find appealing! 

Potato Chip Bag Clip

Bag Clip

What better way to keep chips fresh than a bag clip! Handy and useful, bag clips are the best way to make sure your potato chips are safe and ready to go. Add a logo and your brand will surely be remembered anytime someone is reaching for a snack! 



Potato Stress Reliever in Foil


Potato Stress Reliever

Sometimes life is a game of hot potato. Relax and regain strength with a potato stress reliever! This fun giveaway can be used as hot potatoes or burrito stress relievers. 


Potato Peelers with Potatoes in the background

Potato Peeler

Get your potatoes ready for cooking in a flash with a handy-dandy potato peeler! This item is great for chef-sponsored events. Potato peelers are an essential kitchen item that you do not want to miss! 


Lay's Potato Chip Bag Balloon.

Potato Chip Balloon

Potato chip fans unite with these amazing potato chip balloons. With a unique rectangle shape, these balloons will be a hit at your next event! From charity barbeques to corporate parties, potato chip balloons are fun and create great brand awareness. 


Three potato plants in a row

Grow Your Own Potatoes

Can’t get enough potatoes? Why not grow them yourself? Everyone has a green thumb with a gallon-sized potato grow bag! This would be a great giveaway for nurseries and gardening centers. 


Loving the potato promo? Reach out to us today to learn more!