5 Unique Rainy-Day Promotional Products to Keep You Covered!

  • Dec 18, 2021

Unpredictable weather is a shared experience in life. No matter your age, geographical location, job, or personality, it will always rain. These unique and functional promotional products are sure to keep everyone (and their dog) covered all year long!


The Rebel XL Inverted Umbrella


This isn’t your typical umbrella. With the wide 56” arc and innovative construction, you won’t battle with your office or car door and you definitely won’t get soaked with the ingenious reverse-closure that is designed to fling water away as you seek cover.  


Silicone Shoe Covers


There’s nothing worse than walking around with wet shoes except maybe wearing hot rain boots all day long. Instead of opting for soggy or sweaty feet, these silicone shoe covers will keep you dry in more ways than one.


Pet Booties


While you’re at it, grab some booties for Grover because not only will they keep your posh pets’ feet dry and warm, but your floors will stay clean, and you’re sure to get at least a few adorable photos.


Quick-Dry Rain Jacket


These quick-dry jackets are the perfect accessory for a rainy day. The lightweight material means you won’t have to suffer with a damp outfit but once dry, you can easily pack it away in the small, matching pouch for a simple storage solution.


Backpack Cover


Whether a student, cycling commuter, or recreational hiker, these backpack covers are a life-saver in a downpour when it comes to those electronics, books, and snacks you have stored in your pack.


Want to see more products that will keep you comfortable in any climate? We’ve got you covered with products like these and thousands more! Contact us today to get started. 

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